Shanti Ultimat- real Bengali food in Stockholm


Shanti Ultimat- the real bengal experience

Vegan & Vegetarian friendly | This is a review of the lunch at Ultimat- Stockholm's number one Bengali restaurant. The restaurant opened in May 2016 and has until now only been serving a spendid a lá carte menu with real genuine dishes from Bangladesh. Listed as Europe's best international Bengali restaurant outside of UK at the Curry Life Chef Awards in London last year, its easy to say that their lunch rock!

Ultimat is part of the restaurant group Shanti with four other restaurants in town. This is the their youngest restaurant which focus on more rustic and genuine Bengali food in a modern setting. The food is more exclusive, taste more and is more or less organic. Situated at Karlbergsvägen, in a part of town called Birkastan, its only a couple of minutes walk from Sankt Eriksplan and the popular restaurant street Rörstrandsgatan.

The lunch at Ultimat offers a classic thali menu. For those who don't know what a thali is, its basically small dishes that comes out on a "thali-plate"- a large metal plate. A thali can either have fixed dishes servered to the guest or can be plated by a waiter who comes by your table and add something new every time he see your plate is empty. 

Ultimat's thali 
consist of  6 different menu options whereof one is vegan and one is lacto-ovo vegetarian. The vegan thali includes at the moment a sabji (vegetable cassarole), a mushroom coconut curry and tandoori grilled aubergine. Its servered with rice, sallad, a chutney, pudina lassi (mint lassi), vegetable soup and coffee & tea. While the three small dishes in the vegetarian menu has a palak paneer (best in town!), a chana daal and tandoori grilled zucchini.  Its also cheap considering a lunch in central Stockholm in general can cost up to 150 SEK. A plus is the vegan nan that you can order as a side dish to your thali.

The atmosphere has a modern industry feeling to it with oriental elements such as the mosaic floor, the bathroom sounds with recordings from a hectic street in Dhaka and chai cooking in the fire place.

This is the place if you live in Stockholm and love Indian & Bengali food, are vegetarian or vegan or just enjoy really well prepared food.



Location: Karlbergsvägen 70, Birkastan

Opening hours:
Lunch Mon-Fri: 11.00-15.00

 +46 8-322737 

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Price range:
Lunch 99—110 SEK

Type of cuisine:
Bengali food

Vegan & vegetarian friendly:
Yes, almost one vegan and one vegetarian dish on the lunch menu

Outdoor seating: Yes