Small World Café


The newly opened Small World Café is centrally located at Sankt Eriksplan serving lots of vegetarian and vegan dishes on the menu. This is a place you want to visit for their great vegan lunch street food and their magical vegan ice cream!

The owner and chef Adel puts a lot of effort on the textures and flavours of his food . All the dishes we tried was seasoned perfectly and the texture of the deep-fried jack fruit, avocado and halloumi was spot on. Also, the presentation of the dishes were fun and beautiful to look at. We could definitely feel that the food at Small World Café was made by a chef long experience and with a passion to bring flavours from all around the world to the table.

We started with the avocado tacos which had a crispy texture and yummy sides such as pickled red onion and lentil hummus. In the jack fruit poké bowl we enjoyed most of all the spicy jack fruit falafel. Adel plays around with all kinds of vegan protein sources, jack fruit being one of them. Also he enjoy creating dishes with Beyond meat, tofu and other fun foods. The deep-fried halloumi burger is served without any fries but is filled with not only the halloumi but also with lots of avocado which makes you really full and satisfied. The only down side the store bought chili mayonnaise which wasn’t made from scratch, though still tasted great.

Instant ice cream
The meal was completed with one of the best vegan ice creams we’d ever tried. Its made instantly with a liquid nitrogen method which Adel has brought from this years at fine fining restaurants. Liquid nitrogen is 320 degrees below zero and creates an ice cream just after a few minutes. The texture is so smooth, taste heavenly and feels exctremely healthy.


  • Vegan avocado tacos 115 SEK

  • Poké bowl jack fruit 115 SEK

  • Deep-fried halloumi burger 125 SEK

  • Avocado & almond ice cream vegan with liquid nitrogen

The small café has a rather simple interior which didn’t make that much impression. In this area they have still some more work to do.

The owners Adel and his wife Elisa are friendly people who really enjoys talking to their customers and making them feel welcome. Their are dedicated, professional & gives that little extra.



Location:  Torsgatan 31, Vasastan

Opening hours
Mon-Fri: 09.00-18.00, Sat-Sun: 11.00-16.00

Phone: +46 (0) 076-418 82 77

Website: click here

click here for occasionally updates on Facebook

Price range: Budget, dishes between 99-149 SEK

Type of cuisine:
World fusion street food dishes with gastronomic features.

Vegetarian & Vegan friendly:
Vegetarian and vegan friendly restaurant. When we visited the café the menu had 5 vegan dishes and 2 vegetarian. The menu is updated on a regular basis, always with vegan options.

Other info: Try their vegan ice cream made with a with liquid nitrogen method!