Restaurang Cirkeln


Vegetarian & vegan friendly | At Restaurang Cirkeln you go for breakfast, fika or lunch. They always offer something vegetarian & vegan on the menu but the composition of the dishes still needs some more work.

On their website it says “We serve green & plant based food and beverage for all- regardless if you are a vegetarian, vegan or omnivore”. They, however, offer both red meat, poultry and fish on the menu every day. That makes their brand rather confusing since they seem to profile them as a vegetarian lunch place but are in fact not.

During our last visit I ordered a Roasted butternut pumpkin dish. The rosted flavour from the pumpkin was lovely and went well with the crispy mushrooms. The carrot puré however was tasteless and plain. The chévre also balances the pumpkin nicely. This reminds me however more about an appetizer. Its lacks proper protein sources and so the composition of the dishes still needs some more work.

Roasted butternut pumpkin with carrot puré, chévre, pumpkin seeds & fried mushrooms (lacto-ovo vegetarian)

Carrot soup with ginger & chili (vegan)

The restaurant reminds us of a typical school cafeteria. The crowd here is mixed; from pensioners coming from a lecture in the study center ABF-house (which the restaurant is situated in) to young vegans & vegetarians. It lacks the coziness & warmth but it still works as a lunch place.

Since this is a typical lunch place you’ll order and pay for you food at the counter. The food is delivered fast and there is always available tables during lunch rush hours.



Location: ABF huset, Sveavägen 41, Norrmalm

Opening hours: Mon-Fri 07.00-20.00

Phone: 08-453 41 60

Website: click here

changes every day

Price range: 99-120 SEK for a lunch

Type of cuisine: Swedish & French inspired contemporary foods.

Vegetarian & Vegan friendly: always 1-2 vegetarian and 1 vegan lunch option.