Restaurang Mosebacke


Vegetarian | Vegetarian gourmet food that reaches for the stars lies in the beautiful theater Södra Teatern's own Restaurang Mosebacke . Its reasonable prices matches the quality of the food and makes it possible to other new rounds of your favorite dishes! 

On the rather small menu of 10 dishes, 4 are completaly vegan. The vegan socca pancake made of chick pea flour felt edgy and modern with a lovely tzatziki and nice texture from the granola. The croissant dish reinvented a classic croissant with amazing flavours from the truffle and gruyére and the crispy broccoli was definitely the best vegan dish packed with flavours and was excellent cooked. The number one dish of the evening was however the truffle risotto. The creaminess, still tender risotto rice and explosive umami flavours made a real impression on us. I could definitely pay another visit just to try that dish again. I would't say the restaurant serves vegetarian comfort food for all people, like their website says, its rather vegetarian luxury food- though still for all people! Its a place you just have to visit if you in Stockholm a few days!


  • Socca pancake – granola, dill, cucumber (vegan), 95 SEK

  • Fried egg – truffle mayonnaise, sugar peas & parmesan, 95 SEK

  • Truffle risotto – vinaigrette, hazelnuts (gluten free), 95 SEK

  • Onion ring de luxe – cauliflower, curry, Sultan raisins, 115 SEK

  • Broccoli – cashew, coconut, broccoli purée (Glutenfree, Vegan), 95 SEK

  • Croissant – truffle, cauliflower, gruyère, 45 SEK

The service was good with professional and friendly staff. The food reached also the table really fast.

Historical and romantic interior. We had our table in the intimate Cornelius room with a nice view overlooking the water. There's also a larger dining room area in the restaurant. 



Location: Mosebacke Torg 1 – 3, Södermalm

Opening hours: Lunch: Mon-Fri 11.00-14.00, a la carte: Tue-Sat 17.00-23.00, Brunch: 11.00-16.00

Phone: 0046 08-53199490

Website, click here

Menu, click here

Price range: small dishes from 45- 115 SEK

Type of cuisine: Vegetarian gourmet food;  small "tapas" dishes

Vegetarian  & Vegan friendly: 100% vegetarian but dishes can be turned into vegan