Little T8NG / T8NG


Vegan friendly | Cozy food bar on Hornsgatan serving up spicy Chinese fusion street food.

Little T8ng is the kid sister of the more fancier restaurant T8ng which opened in October 2017. The owners describe the place as a fancy dive bar. “Dive bars” (sunkbar in Swedish) is a bar that serves cheap beer and food and has an atmosphere of a “second living room” for the customer. Hornsgatan has a couple of those serving up Swedish homely food classics but Little T8ong takes on a Chinese twist.

The menu offers 2 different noodle dishes; spicy noodles and sesame noodles which are basically the same except from the sauce. You’ll then pick your choice of protein where vegetables & Sichuan plant based beef are vegan options.

Its both create and ambitious of the kitchen at T8ongs to produce their own wheat noodles. They taste good but reminds us more of peppardelle pasta than noodles. We both enjoy the spicy noodles and especially the Sichuan plant based beef but the dish is very spicy and the chili almost kills the other flavours of the dish. The sesame noodles are much more balanced but the sesame sauce are absorbed by the wheat noodles in such way that it makes the dish rather dry. Otherwise we enjoy the simplistic menu and prices. The Hibiscus green tea lemonade was heavenly good with a nice balance of sweet and sour and a freshness coming from the lime, green tea and fresh mint.

Spicy noodles (wheat noodles, pak choi, spinach, napa cabbage with spicy chili sauce & sichuan plant based beef) 135 SEK

Sesame noodles (wheat noodles, pak choi, spinach, napa cabbage & T8ng sesame sauce) 115 SEK

Marinated tofu (Firm tofu, chili, garlic, spring onions) 35 SEK

Smashed cucumber (cucumber, chili, sesame, garlic) 35 SEK

Ginger truffle (chocolate, ginger, cream) 35 SEK

Hibiscus green tea lemonade (soft drink) 65 SEK

Very relaxed atmosphere in a dark cozy setting with diner sofas, a large open bar & a gaming area in a small corner where you can play old video games. The crowd is a typical Södermalm hipster in her/his early twenties.

The bartender had a chill attitude and was keen on recommending nice drinks. The food we orded reahed our table less than 10 minutes later.



Location: Hornsgatan 66

Opening hours: Mon-Tues 5PM-11PM, Wed-Sat 5PM-3AM

Phone: 08-668 85 00

Website: click here

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Price range:

Type of cuisine: Chinese street food

Vegetarian & Vegan friendly: Plenty of vegan options! 70% o the menu is vegan.

Sesame noodles

Sesame noodles