Crepson- vegan friendly galettes with awesome fillings


The mall Västermalmsgallerian has finally a lunch place serving not only healthy and delicious food but also with plenty of plant based options. It’s a modern Crêperie with a twist.

Stockholm has a few Crêperies but the vegan options are almost non-existing sadly. Thats why we were positively suprised to learn about Crepson. They have two spots in town; one in Kungsholmen and one in Södermalm.

Crepson is a lunch place serving healthy and modern street food in the form of crepes and galettes. It’s a street food Crêperie serving classic savory gluten-free galettes but with creative fillings inspired by flavours from all around the world. The galettes are wrapped and served in a paper cones- easy to eat on the go.

The menu offers both gluten-free galettes made of buck wheat flour and sweet crepes and American pancakes. The plant based galettes excludes egg but they taste just as good as the regular ones. We tried a French inspired galette with vegan tofu and bearnaise sauce. The bearnaise sauce tasted unusually good with a strong tarragon flavour and a perfect acidity and the tofu was excellent. The galette could have had some more sauce though. The only thing we missed on the menu was a vegan crepe option.

We are looking forward to try their other vegetarian and vegan options and will return soon again.


  • PORTABELLO- Portabello mushroom, romanesco sauce, spinach avocado, tomato and onion.

  • Jävligt Franskt- vegan tofu, bearnaise sauce, spinach and caramelized walnuts.

Crepson is situated in in Västermalmsgallerian one floor down with a food court stand and a couple of tables.

At Crepson you order at the counter. At our last visit the waiting time was longer than usual but the staff were aware of this and in a very service minded way they offered us a beverage for free.



Västermalmsagellerian, Sankt Eriksgatan 45-51 at Kungsholmen Crepson and co. Söderhallarna, Medborgarplatsen 3, Södermalm

Opening hours: Mon-Fri: 10.00-19.00, Sat: 10.00-17.00, Sun: 11.00-17.00

Phone: + 46 8-345200

Website: click here

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Price range:
Budget, galettes: 98-135 SEK
Crepes and American pan cakes: 75-98 SEK

Type of cuisine: Creperie

Vegetarian & Vegan friendly: Vegetarian and vegan friendly. There always one lacto-ovo vegetarian option and one vegan option on the menu besides the two galettes signatured by Jävligt gott .