Indian curry house


Vegetarian & vegan friendly | Indian Curry House is the place to visit if you don’t have any higher expectations on the quality of the food or are seeking genuine Indian flavours.

Some restaurant review sites calls this place “critically acclaimed” and to serve “genuine dishes”. However, the food at Indian Curry House is a classic example of Swedish-Indian food. The flavours are not that distinct, the spices are not balanced, the sauces are oily, or have lots of sugar and cream in them. The flavours of Ponir Tikka Korai was balanced but way too oily and the paneer had a poor quality and felt store bought. Shabji Kofta on the other side was not even eatable. The kofta balls tasted absolutely nothing and the texture was mushy and lacked the crispiness that a successful kofta should have. The “tomato based curry sauce” honestly tasted like tomato sauce and I could not distinguish any classic curry spices. The nan bread also lacked the crispy surface that a nan bread, straight out of a tandoori oven, should have. This got us speculating whether the bread was just heated in the micro wave.

The plus side is the affordable prices and a complete vegan section where the dishes contain “chicken like” soya protein.

Ponir Tikka Korai, 159 SEK
Shabji Kofta, 149 SEK
Garlic nan, 30 SEK

The staff was friendly but rather timid and sleepy.

Typical Indian local restaurant with simple interior but at the same time intense oriental colors. The restaurant is small with about 10 tables.



Location: Scheelegatan 6, Kungsholmen

Opening hours: Mon-Sun 11.00-22.00, Sat-Sun 13.00-22.00

Phone: 08-650 20 24

Website: click here

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Price range: 120-190 SEK for main courses

Type of cuisine: Indian

Vegetarian & Vegan friendly: Plenty of vegetarian and vegan dishes on the menu.