Hobo Hotel


Vegetarian friendly | This newly built hotel, restaurant & bar complex is quite impressive when you enter. The seasonal restaurant has a variety of locally-produced and organic food where the menu is constantly changing. 

The vegetarian dishes on Hobo's menu take up about one third. The food inspiration comes from the Nordic kitchen, with influences from cuisines from all around the world. We were recommended to order 2-3 dishes per person, and after the order was made we were served bread with a superb mini onion soup shot on the side. The bread however was a bit burned and tasteless. Our favorite dish was the stewed kale which was creamy and had a nice mild garlicy flavour but wasn't enough salty.

When we finished our dinner, we were still a little bit hungry. So in order to get really full you have to order at least 3 dishes or more, but then the dinner will get quite expensive.

The concept of combined restaurant, bar and hotel is really trendy with a lot of people there regularly. The atmosphere feels organic with palm trees, wood and stone in the interior details.

The waitress did not give a good impression and seemed quite stressed through out the whole sitting. 



Brunkebergstorg 4, Norrmalm

Opening hours: Lunchfrom Mon-Fri: 11.30-14.00, Brunch on Saturdays: 12.00-15.00, Dinner from Tuesday-Saturday: 17.00-22.00

Phone: 0046 8-57882700

E-mail: restaurant@hobo.se

Website: click here

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Price range: small dishes 75-165 SEK 

Type of cuisine: medium dishes from the Nordic kitchen

Vegetarian & Vegan friendly:
No vegan option, 2 vegetarian dishes out of 8. Many of the remaining dishes are almost vegetarian but contains fish sauce or seafood somehow.