Hermans in one of the first and most known vegetarian restaurants in Stockholm. They offer a tasteful green buffet with an international touch with a magic view overlooking the water.

The food at Hermans is well known to the vegetarian crowd in Stockholm. Their large lacto-ovo vegetarian buffet with flavours from all around the world flirts with mainly the Middle eastern, South Asian, Mexican & Indian cuisines.

During summer time Hermans is a cozy place to visit when its possible to enjoy the view in their sitting area in the garden. They also serve a great and innovative Christmas buffet in December.

The buffet dishes consists of spicy casseroles, exotic salads, salsas, sauces, gratins and patties. The dishes are not that experimental but for the vegetarian enjoying a fresh and healthy classic vegetarian buffet is well worth the money. The also have student discounts.

Multiculti atmosphere with light dining room area resembling a green house, with a separate room for the buffet and a with glass walls

You order your buffet plate and drinks at the bar.
*They do not serve any stronger beverages with alcohol.



Location: Fjällgatan 23 B

Opening hours: Mon-Fri Lunch buffet: 11.00-15.00, dinner buffet: 15.00-21.00, Sat-Sun weekend buffet: 11.00-21.00

Phone: +46 08-643 94 80

E-mail: bokning@hermans.se 

Website: click here

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Price range: lunch buffet: 138 SEK, Evening buffet: 198 SEK, Weekend buffet: 198 SEK. Student discounts

Type of cuisine: Vegan buffet food from all around the world

Outdoor seating: Yes