Grain Café- for all the porridge lovers!


If you are a porridge lover this is the place to visit. Kungsholmen has its own porridge café- a vegetarian breakfast & lunch cafe with healthy dishes focusing on gluten-free porridges.

Porrige cafes have for quite some time been popular in cities such as London, Berlin, Paris, Copenhagen and New York but haven’t been a trendy feature in Stockholm until recently, even though Sweden has a long food tradition of eating porrige.

The porridge at Gran Café is based on gluten free oats served in bowls with toppings such as fresh fruits and berries, nuts, granola och peanut butter. The porridge is served all day long but make sure to pay them a visit between 07.00-11.00 when their breakfast deal is available. They make everything from scratch here; the porridges, granola, smoothies, sweets and bread. Lunch is also available and the menu shifts regularly between various soups and casseroles.

We enjoy Gran Cafés healthy concept but most of all because its delicious. However, the porrige dishes are mainly the reason why we visit Grain Café since we feel that the lunch options still have potential of becoming a little bit better.

The interior gives a very clean, light and fresh impression. The chairs and benches are though a bit uncomfortable but otherwise we enjoy coming here. Perfect if you want to sit down and work in a relaxed environment and spoil yourself with a delicious breakfast.

The service is good and the staff seem dedicated and genuinely interested in porridge and vegetarian food.



Location: Hantverkargatan 32

Opening hours: Mon-Fri 07-18, Sat-Sun 09-16

Phone: 070-629 58 29

Website: click here

not available at the website

Price range: Medium, Grain Cafés small or large porridge or yoghurt breakfast deal 105 SEK or 160 SEK.

Type of cuisine: Porrigde cafe

Vegetarian & Vegan friendly: 100% lacto ovo vegetarian and vegan friendly.