Gossip Kungsholmen- Street food from Bangladesh


Vegetarian & vegan friendly | Culture Club is Shanti’s sixth restaurant in Stockholm serving genuine Bengali food. Whats special with this restaurant is the absence of red meat & chicken. This means the whole menu is a heaven for vegans & vegetarians. This place serve top Bengali food and a culinary paradise for those curry loving foodies- who knows how REAL Indian & Bengali food should taste like.

Situated in the heart of Kungsholmen at Hantverkargatan- a popular restaurant street- Culture Club opened in May earlier this year. The restaurant has a sustainable philosophy with a 100% organic wine list, sustainable biogas, MSC or ASC certified fish and seafood and mostly organic or KRAV ingredients in the dishes. Culture Club also won the award “Best Bengali Vegetarian Restaurant in EU” at the restaurant competition Curry Life Awards in London this month.

All of the nine appetizers are vegetarian whereof seven can be ordered vegan. Out of the vegetarian main dish section of 25 vegetarian dishes whereof 13 are vegan. They even have a vegan nan bread! We have re-visited this restaurant many times and our favorite dishes is Chot poti with fuska (can be orded vegan) which is a typical Bengali street food dish, palak paneer (lacto-ovo vegetarian) with a creamy and flavourful tikka base with fresh spinach and home made paneer and Vegetable tikka sizlar with crispy fresh vegetables marinated & tandoori grilled served with a well balanced curry sauce (vegan).

Palak paneer burger, 140 SEK
Chot Poti with Fuska, 140 SEK
Aloo Masala Roll, 140 SEK
Beguner Tarkari, 185 SEK
Palak Paneer, 185 SEK
Paneer Butter Masala, 185 SEK
Paneer Pumpa Masala, 185 SEK

The interior of Culture Club is like Shanti’s other 5 restaurant; designed with a specifik philosophy in mind. Here the purpose is to create a modern touch of British/Indian colonial style with soft romantic green, pink, golden & copper colors, palm trees and waiters in traditional white clothing.

Vegetable tikka sizlar, 185 SEK
Paneer Tikka Sizlar, 185 SEK
Roti, 40 SEK
Vegan nan, 40 SEK
Garlic nan, 40 SEK
Mango Lassi, 60 SEK
Carrot Halowa, 90 SEK
Bengali Kulfi, 90 SEK

The service at Culture Club is always great! The staff really pay attention to details; if you drop a fork on the floor, if you’re out of water, when you’re ready to pay etc. They are professional, kind and makes your visit extra worth it.



Location: Hantverkargatan 47, Kungsholmen

Opening hours: Mon-Sun 11.00-23.00, Sat-Sun 13.00-23.00

Phone: 08 - 650 18 05 

Website: click here

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Price range: 85 SEK for appetizers, 140-210 SEK for main courses

Type of cuisine: Bengali

Vegetarian & Vegan friendly: Plenty of vegetarian and vegan dishes on the menu.

Outdoor seating: Yes, three tables