Fröjdas- vegan & ecological gourmet


Fröjdas is a vegan gluten-free & ecological restaurant in Hammarby sjöstad. Their mission is to show that vegan food can actually taste incredible and yes- they do succeed!


Outside of Stockholm's inner city in an area called Hammarby Sjöstad, you will find Fröjdas. Its not the most centrally located restautant in town but well worth the trip.

All dishes are vegan, gluten free and ecological. They serve medium sized dishes with inspiration from all around the world. You can feel that the food is made with passion and is also well prepared. The food here is not only healthy but taste good as well!. Fröjdas serve both vegetarian and vegan food when they opened last year but is now 100% vegan!


  • Not a fish taco- deep-fried polenta, tomato salad, cilantro & fried chickpeas

  • Beetroot pattie - cooked diced beetroots with truffle mayonnaise, shredded forest mushrooms & roasted hazelnuts, 95 SEK

  • Salami pizza- gluten-free hoe baked pizza with vegan "garlic salamii"

Long wooden tables with hanging plants from the sealing. The whole place feels like an inner garden. The restaurant also has a stage and a hut for the children to play in.

Friendly staff which makes you feel almost at home. They are keen on guiding you through the menu and recommending dishes and beverages if you’re not certain what to order.



Location: Skeppsmäklargatan 7, Hammarby sjöstad

Opening hours
Tue-Sat: 17.00-22.00

Phone: +46 790 77 60 45

E-mail: no e-mail available

Website: click here

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Price range: Medium, 95 SEK per savory dish, 65-120 SEK per dessert

Type of cuisine: Vegan, gluten free and organic restautant.

Vegetarian & Vegan friendly: 100% vegan.