Vegetarian & vegan friendly | the conscious green fine dining cuisine

The restaurant at the Museum of
 Photography has won several awards through the years for delivering sustainable food. This is green fine dining at its best with innovative ingredients and flavours.

The restaurant focuses on vegetarian medium sized dishes where 4 dishes are recommended to order by each guest (1 cold, 2 warm and 1 dessert). Animal protein can thereafter be ordered more as a side rather than the main component on the plate. If you are a vegan most of the dishes can be served plant based. The food is seasonal and ecological and whats unique most of all is the “zero waste” philosophy.

The dishes we got exited about was the Rosen quince, apple & false foe gras made of an innovative soft paté of red lentils which balanced perfectly with the home made mustard and rosen quince gelé. We also loved Yellow onion filled with mushroom, Jerusalem artichoke & tryffel. The truffle created such an umami sensation and the dish combed crispiness & creaminess in a harmonic way.
The dishes were however too small, this were no “medium sized dishes”. If we hadn’t ordered a couple of basket of breads we would have left the restaurant hungry.


Potato, smoked sour cream, browned butter & vegan caviar
Rosen quince,
apple & false foe gras
Blackened Cabbage, Karl-Johan mushroom & pickled currant
Slow cooked beetroot, basil & vegan gravy
Compost baked yellow onion, mushroom, Jerusalem artichoke & tryffels
100% clementin, merengue & olive oil
Chocolate, sea buckthorn & coffee grounds

Modern interior with a great view of Stockholm’s sea side. Organic materials with industrial touches. The open kitchen shows the passionate chefs in their work and gives an open feeling to the atmosphere. Since the restaurant is part of the museum the walls are also filled with modern cool art with great lightening

Our waitress was vey service minded and keen on making us feel comfortable. She alos went the extra mile to get one of us a dessert that had ran out officially. The dishes, however, came out bit too slow which made us very hungry in between every serving- and the restaurant was half empty.



Location: Stadsgårdshamnen 22 Slussen (in the old custom house).

Opening hours: Lunch: Mon-Sat 11.30-14.00. Dinner: Mon-Sun 17.00-23.00,

Phone: 08-50 900 500

Website: click here

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Price range: 135 SEK for each medium sized dish (4 dishes incl. dessert - 540 SEK)

Type of cuisine: vegetarian friendly zero waste fine dining

Vegetarian & Vegan friendly: 5 of 7 medium sized dishes are vegetarian and all of them can be ordered vegan.