Kung Carls Bakficka- jazz & vegetarian hotel food


Kung Carls Bakficka is known for its classic environment and traditional swedish dishes. We were glad to find out that their vegetarian dishes where surprisingly good.

The restaurant offers a international selection of dishes created in the early 1900s, consisting of many classic dishes with influences from the Swedish, Italian, American and French cuisine. If you are a “Stockholm vegetarian” (pescetarian) you have plenty of sea food dishes to choose from. The level of the vegetarian dishes were so high which leaves a great potential of broadening the vegetarian and vegan options. During the weekends they also have brunch between 11.30-16.00 with plenty of vegetarian dishes.


  • Deep-fried tofu, sugarsnaps, beans, pomegranate & hazelnut vinaigrette

  • Open Ravioli - pickled chantarelles, mushrooms, parmesan cream & herbs.

  • Mango sorbet - for dessert

  • Jerusalem artichoke soup - with mascarpone truffle, chive & rapeseed oil

Kung Carls Bakfika is part of a Kung Carl Hotel which has a classic and stylish environment through the whole hotel. The hotel has four areas for different occasions from lunch, after work to more for selected dinner seatings. If you are here for a dinner we strongly recommend you to have a drink in the jazz bar after dinner.

The waiters were professional and service minded. We also requested to have the desserts served at the jazz bar which they gladly arranged.



Location: Kung Carls Bakficka: Norrlandsgatan 28

Opening hours: Mon-Sat: 17:30-22:30 dinner. Sundays: Brunch. Bar: 14:30-01:00

Phone: +468- 463 50 80

Website: click here

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Price range:

Type of cuisine: International, Classic.

Vegetarian & Vegan friendly: Vegetarian and vegan friendly.