Vegetarian friendly | Palestinian pizzas & coffee is the rather unusual food concept that Bitza offers after moving in to Hornstull earlier this summer.

The owner Aadel Kersh, who also runs the modern streetfood spots A bowl and Falafelbaren with his brother in Södermalm, got the idea of opening Bitza after wanting to spread some nice Palestinian flavours & raise the status of Arabic food in Stockholm.


By making the spice blend Zataar, containing oregano and timjan among other things, and using the white cheese Akkawi from his hometown Akki and serving some classic meze dishes we can definitely feel some Middle Eastern vibes. The pizzas which are the soul of the menu are more classic baked Italian pizzas when it comes to the dough and the tomato sauce.

The pizzas dough has a nice crustiness and the zataar blend with the akkawi cheece gives it a very aromatic flavour balanced with the light sourness from the cheese. The sliced cucumber on top does not contribute anything to the dish however. The meze dishes are very tasty and most of them are vegan.

At the moment they are not open longer than 20.00 p.m. but after talking to the staff it appears they plan on extending the opening hours soon. Because this would be a perfect afterwork place where you grab a cold beer and a “bitza”.


MARGARITZA- tomato, paprika, onion, akkawi cheese (Palestinian white cheese) 125 SEK

MARGARITZA REMIX- akkawi cheese (Palestinian white cheese), oven roasted tomato 125 SEK

ZAATAR- wild thyme, sesame seeds, sumac, fresh cucumber, tomato, olive oil 100 SEK (also served vegan)

PAPRIKARÖRA- bell pepper, walnuts, olive oil 45 SEK (vegan)

MOROTSRÖRA- carrot, nuts 45 SEK (vegan)

This is a place where the typical Södermalm crowd visits, from mothers with their scrollers to couples and friends. The interior has a calming organic feeling to it; with lots of woods and olive trees.

The staff is always friendly and curious. Their passion for the food seems genuine & enjoy telling you more about their process of making coffee, the origin of the food and the concept of the restaurant.



Location: Hornstulls Strand 13

Opening hours: Tues-Fri: 11.30-20.00 (Lunch: 11.30-14.00), Sat-Sund: 12.00-19.30

Phone: no phone number,


Website: click here

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Price range: Sides: 25-45 SEK, pizza and salads: 100-165 SEK

Type of cuisine: Palestinian fusion

Vegetarian & Vegan friendly: Plenty of vegan & vegetarian options!

Outdoor seating: Yes