Älskade traditioner- best vegetarian waffles in Stockholm


Älskade Traditioner breathes 1950s nostalgia and is the number one waffle place in town. They offer a vegan and gluten-free waffle with both innovative savory and sweet toppings & fillings. If looking for a nice waffle lunch in Stockholm, this is the place to go.

The menu offers a wide selection of savory wraffles and wraffle toasts with various toppings and fillings. All wraffles can also be made into salads. They also offer raw cakes, raw bolls, impressive milk shakes (freakshakes), smoothies and coffee drinks.

The Vegan Dream looks almost like a pizza with toppings such as artichoke, beets in different beautiful colors, truffle mayo and panko. The dish is playful, artfully looking and has a nice way of balancing all the fatty, acid and salty flavours on the wraffle. The high amount of panko sprinkled on top of the wraffle made the dish sligthly dry but other than that we were more than satisfied. The Wraffle Halloumi made us really full but still felt healthy and fresh. Great flavour combinations which work for breakfast as well as for lunch. The sweet waffle Sweet vegan was uplifting with the fresh fruit and berries and creaminess from the coconut cream. Sweet but still healthy!

The waffle base we had was both vegan and gluten free- something no one could ever guess. The waffle queen and owner Susanna Comstedt also told us that they might start using this waffle base for all of their dishes in the future.


  • Sweet vegan- Fresh fruit & berries, mango sorbet, whipped coconut cream (vegan) 125 SEK

  • Vegan Dream- artichoke, beets, truffle mayo, panko, pickled silver onion (vegan) 138 SEK

  • Wraffle Halloumi- hummus, halloumi, mashed avocado, silver onion, lemon (lacto-ovo vegetarian) 138 SEK

Retro café with 1950s interior with tables, chairs and design details originating from the owner’s relatives. The staff are dressed in typical 1950s dresses and hairstyles creating almost a historical movie set.

The service is good even though we visited Älskade Traditioner while it was the National Waffle Day and super crowded that day. The staff still made us feel at home and welcome.



Location:  Södermannagatan 42, Södermalm

Opening hours: Every day: 09.00-18.00

Phone: +46-643 78 78

Website: click here

Price range:
Medium, 135-165 SEK (savoy wraffles), 95-125 SEK (sweet waffles). Slightly over priced wraffles.

Type of cuisine:
Waffle café

Vegetarian & Vegan friendly:
The menu includes The Veggietoast (vegan), Eggs vegetarian (lacto-ovo vegetarian), Wraffle Halloumi ( (lacto-ovo vegetarian), Vegan Dream (vegan), Sweet vegan (vegan). *The waffle base for all dishes can be made vegan & gluten free for an extra 7 SEK.