A bowl


Vegetarian & vegan friendly | A bowl is Stockholm’s first poké bowl bar and is situated next to Mariatorget in Södermalm. The ingredients are ecological & locally produced- always with vegetarian and vegan options on the menu.

A Bowl opened up in 2016 and was the first poké bowl bar in Stockholm- an American food trend lifting an old Hawaiian staple food tradition. The menu is creative and the bowls are colorful, healthy & fresh. Their vegan option is perhaps not typical Hawaiian in flavours but rather inspired from the Middle eastern cuisine. Its still taste just as delicious anyway!


white cabbage, pickled red cabbage, eggplant cream, mahamara (walnuts), tabbouleh, rice, original sauce-110 (VEGAN)

Yellow beets & Kale- yellow beet roots, red beet roots, feta cheese, red cabbage, chickpeas, rice, original sauce-110 (VEGETARIAN)

This little hipster place is always crowded with people. The atmosphere is relaxed and intimate with a cute little outdoor seating area overlooking the Södermalm hights. A bowl will however soon expand and move into a larger restaurant facility.

Service is great with friendly staff who are observant & keen on answering any questions you might have regarding the menu.



Location: Blecktornsgränd 8, Södermalm

Opening hours
Mon: Fri: 11.00-21.00 Sat: 12.00—20.00 Sun: Closed

Phone: +46 704 52 06 38

E-mail: info@abowlpokepoke.com

Website: click here

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Price range: 110-135 SEK

Type of cuisine:
Hawaiian poké bowl

Vegetarian & Vegan friendly: 1 vegan dish and 1 vegetarian dish on the menu.